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Server Description

Cypher is brand new rsps server with so much content You will not have not seen before!

We have content for all kinds of player style lovers, doesn/t matter if You are skiller, pker or pvmer.

We offer you

  • Custom interfaces for slayer, teleport, player tabs

  • Bosses like Porazdir,Giant Roc, Skotizo in Wildy with custom drops and more

  • Starter zone and Medium zone for starters

  • Custom Minigame One vs All where you have to stand against all bosses for custom points

  • PK Bots, FunPK, Revenant cave, Kolodion arena, Wilderness area and much more!

  • Runelite implementation

Items like

  • Phoenix Bow, Lava scythe, Lime whip, Toxic glaive, Custom Spirit shields

  • 6 kinds of mystery boxes with custom open interface

  • Item that automaticly pick up items for you

  • Drop rate increasing items

  • Fast hitting and other perk items

  • Items with animations and glows

We are looking for staff team!


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