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Server Description

Whats Different?

Island-war is a 718 loading 839 server, which brings Pre-Eoc emulated content, a long with custom and creative content. We are potentially and hopefully see our self loading 866 data bringing our players GWD2 for those who would enjoy to see the new

RS3 content. We strive to bring unique and custom content for our players to enjoy and share with others. Wanting to see what we are all about? 

As some of you who are aware of the new and better revamp, You are aware of our World 2 opening rather soon. We will be working on a Login Server to help support World 1 {Economy} and World 2 {Spawn/Eco PK} which many people have asked for.

Player files will not interact between worlds, and in fact will never be considering world 2 will be spawn eco.

I have spent countless hours, working on a unique server, for those to enjoy something different. 


Grand Exchange:

All items are buyable from grand exchange, except valuable and useful items. This brings it so players can contain the items that are never in other rsps shops, or rewards

such as, (g), (t) and other nooby items that bring back good /ol memories. Grand exchange has been one of my main focuses, considering its one of our biggest shop. I have been working to make sure there is

little to no lag with it. (Thanks to Jamal) I could figure out why the grand exchange item search lag was.


Experience Rates:

This is another main focus i/ve had issues with. Most people hate slow and constant xp rates. It makes the game feel like a major major grind. Which is what some desire, and what most do not desire. I have designed a custom and unique experience rates, The idea was given from Matrix 3. Which i have edited to my liking. Starting off you are prompt with increase experience rates until level 65. Upon reaching level 65, your experience rates are dropped by approx. 1/3. However, this does not remain constant. As you level up, your experience rate constantly increases. As playing with static xp rates, and dynamic. I discovered without even thinking upon this. The players mind set of the grind is totally thrown out of the window. As everything changes, which makes them wonder and WANT to grind.

Note: For every player online, experience is increased by .006% this will seem rather slow but because of the small number, lets say there are 30 players online. That/s approx an 18% experience increase. 

As experience may seem rather slow to others, fast for others. Those who feel like its slow and want faster, have given that chance to increase experience. I have developed random event systems, which are passively active. Each event can be displayed by doing ;;events while in-game. This will display active events. There are events such as, Skill Events, Minigame Events, Bossing Events, which some of these are still in adding of more content, as we are with default rs2 bosses. Each event has a different example:

Dungeoneering - Skill Event: You receive increased experience, and tokens for the span life of the event, which is 25 minutes and takes approx 50-60 minutes to st

Player Owned Bots:

This is a design made by /KShan/ which i have edited, and redone to my liking. This is a main focus i WILL be focusing on as the server progresses. You can talk with the bot, and it responses with logical responses. You can demand him to do various actions, which more and more are being added as the time goes on. Some are rather limited as this is in its early stages. Players will be able to sell/buy bots from other players (Legendary Donators) some will given access for testing purposes. There will be some server bots, that will roam the server to bring in some economy. There are slight differences these have that players do not. Which is simply chat color for resizable. They actually gain levels, and they appear on highscores as a regular player, but do not have a better chance, as they level slower than an average player would level.

Emulation Feel:

Frostbite is an all around type of server, which is a plain i have generated rather a few weeks go, since i feel like it would be the best type of server for players.

As i have spoken earlier about this, Frostbite also offers the real emulation feel that a lot of players desire. I have implemented my work that I have done for /Project Arrow - The past is never where you left it/ as i had some a shit ton of work for that project. 

Approx 90%+ NPCS All around the F2P areas actually have the REAL runescape dialogue, and do what they are meant to do.

We like to be unique, and different.


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