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RequiemScape IS AN AMAZING COMMUNITY AND SERVER WITH PLENTY OF BOSSES. This server was created with the goal of becoming more then just a Rsps. We are a community!! We have tons of PVM AND SKILLING content!!!!

Our Weekly updates wether they are bugfixes or new content is influenced by the community and what we feel is best for the community. We consider all suggestions personally and we care about our player and are always here for YOU!


R-S Admin Response  Bosses

Crazy Archaeologist Chaos Fanatic Venenatis Vet/ion Scorpia
Callisto Lizardman Shaman Zulrah Kraken Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
Corporeal Beast Cerberus CHaos Elemental Gelatinnoth Mother BarrelChest
Sea Troll Queen King Black Dragon Godwars Dagganoth Kings Giant Mole

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