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Welcome to the Turmoil thread. Turmoil is a highly advanced economy and combat based server with many features to browse and explore.

Our primary focus is our playing experience and we are considered to be one of the hardest yet most fun servers around and aspire to be that on a daily basis.

Whilst in development we have taken all prospects into consideration. So we considered things like the skills, bosses, handling and how we will sustain a constant playerbase.

Our additions: We are constantly adding more and more content to our game. These are suggested by players and are made into reality by the developers. When moving around Turmoil you will notice a multitude of browsing features, Such as npc/s who are interactive to you, Daily challenges, Working towns, and even our own city achievement diaries with unique rewards. We are a pre eoc server with osrs content. Its like playing RuneScape within the times of pvp worlds and graphics were just getting better. It feels like osrs with so much more to explore. Come try Turmoil out for an experience of your life!

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