Incentive Voting

We provide our own automated voting system with integrated callback here. However if you have your own voting system and don't wish to use our free RSPS voting then you can use the steps below in order to add proper validation/callback to your existing voting script.

  • Step 1. Make sure that you have an EverythingRS account and are registered on our toplist
  • Step 2. During registration you will be asked for a callback url, enter the url of your callback script
  • You are all done, you can view your voting page at after your player has voted we will send you an HTTP response at http://yourwebsite/callback.php?user=PLAYERUSERNAME (callback.php is just an example, it will be sent to the callback url you entered during toplist registration)
  • Example callback.php
    if ($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] != "")
        //Response if not from everythingrs
    $user = preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9_]{1,64}/','',trim($_GET['user']));
        //Not a valid user
        $user = mysql_escape_string($user);
        //$user is the player that has successfully voted
        //Now you can add the code for your mysql database
        //And handle this response however needed
IP Checking

You can also check if a player voted in the past 24 hours through IP Checking.

  • • Replace YOURSERVERNAME with the name of your toplist, and replace USERIP with the value you are trying to check.
  • Below are the two response codes
  • 0 Did NOT vote in the last 24 hours
  • 1 Voted in the last 24 hours